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For all your Retail



Specializing in Design, Manufacturing and installations across the country,

to take your retail communications closer to your customers. 

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Welcome to Finish Factory

Launching a new product? Specials on offer? Require a new product display solution? We offer innovative solutions for all your retail Point Of Sale, Pricing, and Displaying Needs. 

At Finish Factory, a Durban based independent, we strive to create solutions that will keep you at the forefront of retail.

We manufacture quality point-of-purchase displays, pricing displays and various other specialized products for the retail industry. We continuously strive to be acknowledged as a reputable source and provider of quality products in all our specialized fields. 

We specialize in Design, Manufacturing and National Installations.

About Is



Our design team consistently produce presentations​

of the highest standard

We place huge emphasis on client-designer relationships and our team of dedicated designers are committed to ensure that you, our client will be happy and satisfied every step of the way.

Manufacturing and Installations



In today’s highly competitive marketplace, having the right technologies in place to improve retail processes and enhance customer experience can make the difference between business success and failure. 

Our factory produces Perspex, metal and timber products, as well as full colour digital printing and laminating.

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