Quality Controlled to ensure all products meet established standards

Our Print Studio and Factory can produce almost anything required for your retail needs, whether its something  from our catalog range, or a solution unique to you and your store.  



Our Print Studio has first class full color large format digital printing press and laminating services. Whether you need posters, cladding, wrapping, we can print quality imagery for you on a variety of substrates such as vinyl, canvas and more.






Our Plastic Fabrication Unit offers both hot and cold plastic formatting/ moulding, routering and plasma cutting to get most shapes required, no matter how intricate or challenging.



Digitised routering and plasma cutting using world-class cutting-edge machinery and technology, welding bays with precision jigs and operators conforming to the South African Institution of Welding ensuring a high standard of work. 

Our welding bays house precision jigs for different products and welding procedures are carried out in conformance to the standards stipulated by the South African Institute of Welding which ensures that a high standard of welding is maintained.

Industry leading

Quality Compliance